LYTE Aviation has announced a partnership with Twente Airport to develop regional routes in Europe.

LYTE is hoping to connect the airport with cities across Europe using its 40-seat SkyBus LA-44 eVTOL aircraft.

Freshta Farzam, CEO of LYTE Aviation, said, “Our SkyBus is an ideal proposition for the connection between Twente Airport in the Netherlands and several European urban regions within a 1,000km radius.

“It will provide a convenient, affordable, sustainable, and much faster transportation option for employees traveling regularly between sites: It will connect the Twente region with Paris, Birmingham, Munich or Hamburg, allowing Twente based corporations to reach their respective HQs, European counterparts and co-workers in under two hours.”

According to the company, the SkyBus will be five times more fuel efficient and 10 times less noise polluting than a helicopter with a range of 1000km. With its tandem tilt-wing technology, power will come from hybrid-hydrogen-electric turboprops and electric engines. Lyte is estimating entering the market within five to six years.

Living test lab

Twente Airport offers space and facilities to new and established sustainable aviation companies that are looking to test aircraft, systems and procedures

Jan Schuring, CEO of Twente Airport explained, “Our facilities are available as a testing ground for the innovations of the next generation of aircraft, systems and procedures. Lyte Aviation is a perfect example of a company that is looking to disrupt the status quo; we’re keen to assist them in this endeavour.”

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