Lilium will be one of the advanced air mobility pioneers shaping the future of air travel at the Global Urban Advanced Air Summit (GUAAS) which takes off at Farnborough today.

Sebastian Borel, the company’s Vice President, Business will be presenting a session entitled “Building radically better ways of moving” during tomorrow’s programme.

The electric vertical take-off and landing Lilium Jet can be adapted for a range of customers and uses with the cabin seating up to six passengers. It can also be configured without seats for zero-emissions logistics or can be arranged to offer luxury private flights.

Scaling AAM will be key

CEO and founder of Lilium, Daniel Wiegand said the jet had been designed with sustainability as “part of our core mission” but added that the ability to scale the new form of transportation would be key.

He said: “It’s very important for us to have a technology that can actually scale into more passengers. We can, with this engine technology create vertical takeoff and landing electric aircraft for up to 16 seats that can still fit on existing helicopter landing infrastructure.”

Wiegand added that the new advanced air mobility aircraft and infrastructure would radically change the way people live and travel. “eVTOL will change the perception of time and distance. What we say at Lilium is basically ‘the radius of our life expands with the speed at which we can do everyday travel.’”

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