From airborne surveillance radar and self-protection systems to multi-mission and training aircraft, Leonardo is showcasing a wide spectrum of latest generation technologies for situational awareness and defence and multi-domain surveillance systems for the Persian Gulf at Bahrain International Airshow this year.

Leonardo has a history of significant partnerships in Bahrain, including the supply of two primary surveillance radars and three Mode-S secondary surveillance radars for Bahrain’s Civil Aviation organisation and Royal Bahraini Air Force. These radars enhance the safety and efficiency of national airspace management.

Radar solutions

To meet current needs, which involves constant airspace monitoring, Leonardo offers the RAT 31DL three-dimensional surveillance radar.

For the detection, classification, and tracking of small- and fast-moving aerial threats, such as mini and micro tactical uncrewed systems, the company is offering the multi-domain and dual use TMMR (Tactical Multi Mission Radar) sensor.

Another product is the BriteCloud countermeasure, which has already entered service with the UK’s Royal Air Force.

Multi-mission platforms

In addition to Leonardo’s wide offer of sensors for surveillance, the company is able to provide complete and multi-mission platforms.

The C-27J Spartan, and more crucially the Next Generation variant, is suitable for tactical military transport, medical evacuation, patrol and ISR missions and fire-fighting operations.

With over 2,000 training aircraft sold in the years across 40 countries, Leonardo is also showcasing its latest solutions centred on the M-345 and M-346 aircraft, by which the company is able to cover the entire training syllabus.

Helicopter fleet

When it comes to helicopter models, Leonardo has the AW139, AW169, AW189, NH90 among others, and over 300 Leonardo helicopters are flying in the region.

The AW139 has proven extremely successful in the Middle East with over 150 units in service across the region for the widest scope of missions including corporate transport, emergency medical service, search and rescue, law enforcement, offshore transport, and government duties.
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