Image: Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways has taken delivery of its eighth Airbus A320NEO aircraft – which has been named “Al Manageesh”.

Kuwait Airways Chairman, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, said: “Kuwait Airways is pleased to receive its eighth Airbus A320neo as the latest aircraft to its new fleet, arriving from the city of Toulouse, France. The arrival of the new aircraft will benefit the company in achieving the anticipated objectives pursued by the Blue Bird, as part of its strategic objectives to develop its ability in linking Kuwait to the world.”

Al-Dukhan added: “The presence of the A320neo in the fleet will enhance Kuwait Airways’ position as a leading airline in the regional and global aviation industry, where the company is constantly developing its customer experience, and is steadfast in providing the best of services. KAC is also keen to provide all means of comfort and safety for its passengers during each flight. The arrival of the A320neo is a continuation of developing the prominent services that are provided to KAC’s valued customers on its aircraft, in addition to providing various air transport services. In addition, these plans developed by KAC’s Board of Directors are progressing in the intended optimal direction and as scheduled. Moreover, the arrival of the new aircraft is a qualitative leap in the development of the Blue Bird’s fleet with modern advancements, which suits the requirements of the passengers. Kuwait Airways is also committed towards development and improvement of its systems by providing new and innovative services that suit the aspirations of its customers and meets their requirements for a safer and more comfortable travel experience.”


Al-Dukhan also stated that with the arrival of the eighth Airbus A320neo aircraft, Kuwait Airways’ fleet will consist of 32 aircraft, organized as follows:
– 3 Airbus A330-200 aircraft.
– 7 Airbus A320-200CEO aircraft.
– 10 Boeing B777-300ER aircraft.
– 8 Airbus A320NEO aircraft.
– 4 Airbus A330-800 aircraft.

Al-Dukhan added that Kuwait Airways will receive the last A320neo type aircraft from Airbus successively during the coming period, which was in accordance with KAC’s agreement to restructure its fleet with Airbus, signed in February 2022, resulting in the company having 9 Airbus A320neo aircraft in its fleet. Furthermore, Kuwait Airways will receive 6 Airbus A321neo aircraft with a capacity of 169 seats and 3 Airbus A321neo-LR with 169 seating capacity in the coming years featuring advanced technical specifications.

Al-Dukhan explained: “The A321neo has additional advantages that will enable Kuwait Airways to achieve its objectives in terms of profitability and sustainability. The company will also achieve significant savings in operating costs due to the commonalities between the Airbus aircraft, its integrated models, and its flexibility in capacity. Today, the A321neo and the A330neo have proven to deliver up to 30% lower operating costs when operated together.”

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