Image: Inmarsat

For the third consecutive year, Inmarsat has won the ‘Satellite Operator Excellence’ category at the Aviation Achievement Awards.

The company’s fully-funded technology roadmap means customers using Inmarsat’s GX Aviation and Jet ConneX inflight broadband services for the commercial and business aviation markets, as well as its SB-S safety and operations connectivity solution, can rest assured their evolving needs will be met into the 2030s and beyond.

Additionally, Inmarsat was recognised for its pioneering ORCHESTRA ‘network of networks’, which will intelligently orchestrate the power and throughput of GX Ka-band network, the resilience of its ELERA L-band network and the addition of complementary LEO and terrestrial 5G networks, providing a platform for continuous innovation that will synthesise an expanding combination of network services.

Neale Faulkner, Inmarsat Aviation’s Regional Vice President Middle East, said: “The past year has been about continuing to deliver the best connectivity possible – whenever and wherever our customers require it. Our recent surveys conducted in the airline and business aviation markets have found that inflight Wi-Fi has never been more important to passengers. This is reflected in the record usage we’ve experienced for our inflight connectivity services over the past year.

World-class solutions

“We pride ourselves on constantly developing our world-class solutions and ensuring our aviation customers have the certainty that as their needs continue to evolve, so does their inflight connectivity. We’re delighted that the Aviation Achievement Awards has also recognised those efforts once again.”

Kenneth Mitchen, executive director at Aviation Achievement Awards, added: “The importance of satellite connectivity is only growing, and the aviation industry needs connectivity services that are not only world-class, but also reliable and far-reaching. Inmarsat has consistently demonstrated that it is both dedicated and committed to the advancement of connectivity capabilities – be that for commercial airlines, business aviation operators, or even UAV operators. We congratulate them on another worthy win at the Aviation Achievement Awards and look forward to seeing the innovations Inmarsat will drive over the next year.”

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