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Iberia and the union organisations represented on the Employment Monitoring Commission have reached an agreement to transform the contracts of 2,500 workers at the 29 airports where Iberia Airport Services provides handling services.

In the entire history of Iberia, this is the largest number of people who have benefited from contract improvements in a single wave. In 2022, Iberia already transformed another 2,492 contracts, demonstrating its commitment to employment stability, the safety of its operations and the quality of the service it provides to more than 150 airline clients at Spanish airports.

These 2,500 contract transformations include different employment conditions (from temporary to permanent discontinuous, from permanent discontinuous to permanent part-time, and from permanent part-time to permanent full-time), depending on the situation of each airport and its current and future needs, and will be carried out over the next few months according to the needs of each group in the different work centres.

Nearly 1,000 PCC Contract Transformations

As well as these 2,500 changes in the airport workforce, close to another 1,000 contract improvements among the cabin crew group have been carried out, which will also be completed in November of this year.

450 transformations were agreed upon with the signing of the last agreement and took place between March and May, and nearly 550 have been carried out since this September.

In total, 3,500 Iberia workers will see their conditions improved this year, providing another example of its commitment to employment quality and stability.

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