Traditionally, air forces would be very much involved in their own training. Today, we’re seeing more moves towards outsourcing this work to commercial businesses. We talked to CAE’s Ian Bell, who is Vice President, Middle East and Asia Pacific Defence and Security, about this trend.

Bell said: “CAE is 70 years young, and the defence business is huge, and it’s growing all the time. I think we’re traditionally known for air training media, everything from a tablet to full flight zero flight time simulators, but increasingly we’re seeing ourselves drawn into naval environments and the land domain.

“What we’re finding is that defence forces in general are needing more integrated training. They need coalition training, they need joint training, and some of the common technologies and the training experience that CAE brings as a training systems integrator is being adopted at the higher level. So that’s platform-agnostic, but a training partner is what’s increasingly being needed.”

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