Airline Wi-Fi has typically been frustrating and patchy. With its ‘Connected Aircraft’ concept, Honeywell is demonstrating that not only can it make connectivity work as well as it does on the ground, but that the whole aircraft can be connected to drive numerous benefits.

FINN editor-in-chief Alan Peaford had a chance to go on board one of Honeywell’s demonstrator planes to see this in action.

Kristin Slyker, VP, Connected Aircraft, Honeywell, said the Connected Aircraft is about taking the data that’s generated to drive benefits, such as “a 35% reduction in maintenance operating cost” or “10 to 100 times faster Wi-Fi” for passengers.

We also found out more about a number of Honeywell’s apps, including Weather Information Services, which gives pilots updated in-flight weather data; Flight Efficiency which optimises flight operations; and Connected Maintenance, which enables more efficient and predictive MRO.

Connectivity can enable benefits such as a 35% reduction in maintenance operating costs or 10 to 100 times faster Wi-Fi for passengers.