The government has launched an independent review of the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

With a remit which includes everything from ensuring the highest standards of aviation safety and security, to the efficient use of airspace, space operations and protecting consumer rights, the Civil Aviation Authority plays a vital role.

The review will focus on:

  • Its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering its services currently, and for the future.
    Its role, form, function and delivery model.
    The corporate governance and assurance mechanisms underpinning the organisation.
    The CAA’s relationship with the DfT and how the two organisations work together to deliver a quality service for the UK.
    How its priorities match up to the Government’s wider objectives, taking into consideration its role as an independent regulator.

World-leading on safety, security

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Civil aviation regulation is the lynchpin of an industry which pre-pandemic carried millions of passengers every year, contributed £22 billion to our economy and supported nearly one million jobs.

“This review will ensure UK civil aviation regulation continues to be world-leading on safety, security, environmental considerations, economic regulation and consumer protection – and which often supports other countries in driving up global standards.”

Sir Stephen Hillier, Chair of the Civil Aviation Authority, said: “At the Civil Aviation Authority, we work tirelessly on our mission to achieve improvements in aviation and aerospace for consumers and the public.

“We welcome the opportunity this review presents to highlight the dedication, skill and continuous learning culture of our organisation, whilst identifying any areas for improvement. It will help ensure that we continue to be a diverse, innovative and future-focused regulator, dedicated to improving aviation safety, security, and consumer interests and enabling a thriving aerospace sector.

“We look forward to working in an open, transparent and collaborative way with Government to support this review.”

International Civil Aviation Organisation safety audit

The review forms part of a wider programme looking at public bodies across government, announced in April this year.

It comes at a crucial time for the aviation industry as it continues its strong recovery from the pandemic and will also run in parallel, but entirely separate to, the International Civil Aviation Organisation safety audit due to take place.
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