Image: Royal Air Brunei Airlines

Globe Air Cargo China, part of ECS Group, has partnered with Royal Air Brunei Airlines to enhance air cargo operations in China.

The contract designates Globe Air Cargo China as the General Sales Agent for the entirety of China, aligning with existing cooperation in other countries. With a projected tonnage of approximately 100 tons for the year 2023, the partnership underscores the commitment of both Globe Air Cargo China and Royal Brunei Airlines to elevate air cargo services within the region. The primary commodities transported are general cargo and E-commerce cargo, reflecting the significant potential for growth and collaboration in this sector.

Managing director of Globe Air Cargo China, Jean Chen, said: “We are proud to be a global GSA with a local focus, leveraging our team of experts, flexibility, and market-specific know-how to cater to the unique needs, strategies, and desired outcomes of our esteemed partners.”

“We are pleased to partner with Globe Air Cargo China to further enhance our air cargo operations in China. With Globe Air Cargo China’s expertise and local focus, coupled with Royal Brunei’s extensive flight network, we are confident that this collaboration will create new opportunities and elevate air cargo services to greater heights,” added Christina Chua Ngoh Boi, RB acting chief commercial officer.

“Through this partnership, Globe Air Cargo China and Royal Brunei aim to strengthen air cargo operations in China, enhancing connectivity and facilitating the seamless movement of goods between China and the world.”

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