Leading unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) solutions provider Heron AirBridge has been appointed the Regional Ambassador Southeast Asia for Global UTM Association (GUTMA).

The association, which is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland and has members spanning more than 30 countries, represents the global UTM industry for the support of the safe and efficient integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into global airspaces.

GUTMA recently launched the Regional Ambassador Programme to enable it to engage with major industry leaders on a global scale. Heron AirBridge has been selected as GUTMA’s first-ever ambassador and go-to contact for Southeast Asia. In this role, Heron AirBridge will help the association connect with local stakeholders and accelerate the urban mobility transition in the region. Global UTM Association appoints Heron AirBridge as Southeast Asia ambassador

“As our Regional Ambassador, Heron AirBridge will play a crucial role in advancing the mission of GUTMA and shape the future of the UTM industry,” said Koen De Vos, secretary general of Global UTM Association. “Together we can engage in impactful regulatory processes to foster a global ecosystem in a fair drone services market.”

Ryan Lee, CEO and cofounder of Heron AirBridge, added, “We are immensely honoured to be appointed as GUTMA’s Regional Ambassador, which validates our position as a trailblazer in uncrewed aircraft management. This region has the potential to be one of the largest drone markets, which will need UTM regulations and services in place to happen. Together with GUTMA’s members, we look forward to supporting the efforts of UTM regulatory and industry developments in Southeast Asia.”

With strong support from the Singaporean government, Heron AirBridge was founded in 2022 by Lee and Fabrice Ancey following the acquisition of Nova Systems’ Asia business. Under their leadership, the firm has achieved remarkable success through a collaborative approach and engaged with like-minded innovators and industry partners on meaningful projects to address challenges in low-altitude airspace management and promote safe drone and UTM services in the region.
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