Ground transportation company, Get-e has announced the first intelligent disruption management solution which aims to resolve complexities caused by unexpected delays, diversions or passenger displacement.

The web-based platform is being developed by the Dutch company, along with airline partners, to enable flight operations teams to quickly and efficiently source and book alternative transport and accommodation for passengers when a flight has been diverted to an alternative airport, or when delays occur.

Platform integrates with airline systems

Get-e’s platform has been designed to integrate with airline systems. It will enable carriers to have full visibility and control over the disruption management process. The technology can also be used to provide travellers with push notifications through an airline’s app, keeping them updated about the details of their onward journey.

Alexander van Deudekom, CEO and founder at Get-e said: “Disruptions are operationally and administratively complex with huge potential costs for an airline, both monetary and reputationally.”

“As a result, if an aircraft must divert to a different airport, transporting passengers to their planned destination quickly and efficiently is vital, not just to meet regulatory requirements, but to ensure passenger satisfaction at all times. Before now, airlines have not had access to a single, intelligent system that manages the process of finding alternative transport, accommodation and catering when needed.”

“Downtime has paved way for new innovations”

Deudekom added: “The downtime in 2020 has paved the way for new innovations designed to support carriers as they gear up for a busy 2022, when reputation amongst travellers will be even more crucial to success. Not only does our technology save airlines money in terms of administration time and possible compensation, but by simplifying the process and ensuring a resolution is instantly in place, it also ensures passengers leave with a positive view of the airline, even if there is disruption.”

Get-e’s in-house multi-lingual operations control team provides support 24/7, monitoring and coordinating all transportation requests. The company boasts a vetted transport provider network which covers 110 countries and more than 900 destinations around the world.

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