Inzpire has introduced new connectivity apps to its GECO tablet based mission system.

GECO uses an application or ‘app’ based modular software architecture approach combined with a rugged tablet device which can be used in both modern and legacy aircraft. Capabilities can be added as apps to the display as and when safety, operational and training requirements dictate.

Johnny Priest, Director of Operations said: “The vision for GECO is a tool which could be used by pilots to bring situational awareness into the cockpit, so rather than going into reams of bags or maps, all that information in an easily digestible form.”

He added: “It’s a Geo visualisation tool relating all that information to the aircraft and on that we can add lots of layers for more information.”

GECO is already in use by the airforce and other customers and new apps have been added to increase connectivity within fleets or from air to operations.

GECO helps fleet and ops share information

Priest explained some of the system’s capabilities: “We have wires alerting, obstacle alerting, ship identification, so people can track ships with a live feed. The latest addition to the family is to connect to the system, so you can connect GECO to GECO in other aircraft or from aircraft down to ops so you can start to share information across a fleet or across large distances.”

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