London Gatwick Airport’s planning application for the routine use of its Northern Runway will receive detailed examination by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS).

The planning application, or Development Consent Order (DCO), will now undergo a period of rigorous examination by a panel of independent experts, which is likely to take up to 18 months. This will include six months of examination with written submissions and public hearings.

Tim Norwood, chief planning officer, London Gatwick, said, “We are pleased that the application to take forward our Northern Runway plans has been accepted by the Planning Inspectorate and will now progress to the examination stage of the DCO planning process.”

Dual runway operations

Currently, the Northern Runway acts as a taxiway and can only be used a as a runway when the main runways is out of use. If accepted, DCO proposes repositioning the centre line of the Northern Runway 12m north to allow dual runway operations. The Northern Runway would only be used for departing flights.

If approved, construction could start in 2025 and be completed and ready for operational use by the end of the decade. The plans would increase Gatwick’s capacity to 75 million passengers annually by the late 2030s.

Pubic feedback

Ahead of the examination, the public will be able to register with the PINS to become an ‘interested party’ and provide their views and feedback on the proposals during examination.

“In coming weeks, the airport will let residents and other stakeholders know how they can register their interest in taking part in the examination stage of the planning process, so they can submit comments and feedback on our important proposals,” Norwood added.

More information on the DCO planning process and how to engage with it can be found here.

North Terminal upgrade

Gatwick has also begun work on upgrading its North Terminal. Read more on story that here.

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