Google Cloud and GA Telesis, a global leader in innovative integrated commercial aviation services, announced that GA Telesis will deploy Google Cloud’s generative AI technology to revolutionise the sales and service processes for the parts the company supplies to major global passenger and cargo carriers.

In tapping Google Cloud as its AI innovation partner, GA Telesis will leverage Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies to quickly understand and respond to the hundreds of thousands of customer orders it receives each year from airlines operating on every continent.

As a major supplier of essential equipment in the airline industry where long-term relationships and trust are the bedrock of many business transactions, sales staff receive inquiries from global customers requesting quotes for all sorts of commercial aircraft and jet engine replacement parts.

The typical inquiry is not standardised, requiring sales representatives to quickly decipher the relevant aircraft or jet engine model, applicable codes, quantity required, preferred condition and provenance, and often more importantly, where the part is needed and when.

Performance metrics

Additionally, in order for airlines to meet their on-time performance metrics, inquiries are often urgent and logistics have to be factored into the equation. GA Telesis’ team is expected to accomplish what can resemble an impossible feat in minutes, not hours.

GA Telesis has selected Google’s Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, which is designed to help businesses tune and deploy machine learning models, to help it quickly build innovative AI applications.

“Responding quickly to customer requests on a person-to-person level is an absolutely critical part of our business and a key way we’re differentiated. As we’ve grown, the number of inquiries for service and parts has increased exponentially, and we needed a way to scale our responsiveness without removing the personalized service we provide,” said Abdol Moabery, CEO of GA Telesis.
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