The space sector might conjure images of astronauts and rocket scientists but there are roles for everyone, from accountants to engineers, said Tom Kelly co-CEO and co-founder of Evona, the Bristol-based space-industry recruitment firm.

Speaking at the Farnborough International Airshow 2022, Kelly said: “What we’ve learned is that in the space industry, there is space for everyone. There’s literally jobs from being an accountant to being in HR to being an engineer.

‘Jobs everywhere for everybody’

“We actually placed an astronaut a few months ago, believe it or not, so there’s just jobs everywhere for everybody. And it’s such a beautiful, cool sector that we want to be … everywhere that we can be to spread the brand and spread the message that we need to get everybody into the space industry.”

Evona was founded by four experienced space industry recruiters and career-shapers: Ryan Hill, Richard Joyce, Jack Madley and Kelly.

The founders have made it their mission to further the progress of today’s space sector by preparing and sourcing talented members of the space workforce.

Europe and US markets

Evona provides recruiting services from the UK and Europe to serve global markets, including the US.

Kelly added: “There are systemic issues that exist within the STEM world, and by identifying those issues, we’ve actually tried to give back as much as possible so everyone in Evona has an ‘Evona purpose’.

“What that means is, we do lots of work with schools, with universities, we’ve sponsored scholarships out in the US, specifically to people from underprivileged backgrounds to encourage them to go into a STEM degree.”
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