Fortem Technologies, a leader in airspace intelligence, security, and defence for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, has announced its partnership with INTRA Defense Technology, a Saudi company working on the development, design, and manufacturing of autonomous systems and advance technologies.

Together, the companies will leverage their technology and expertise to engineer, manufacture, and market advanced solutions against UAS threats in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a strategically important market for Fortem Technologies.

With the threat of drones increasing, this partnership will allow both companies to scale the building of new products and solutions and integration of existing technology into evolving C-UAS market offerings.

“Fortem Technologies has been looking for ways to venture beyond its current markets, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is focusing on expanding its production of air defence systems,” commented Jon Gruen, CEO of Fortem Technologies.

“We are honoured to have a strong local partner like INTRA Defense Technologies join forces with Fortem to produce and distribute cutting-edge C-UAS solutions in Saudi Arabia.”

Fortem offers leading C-UAS technology, providing both hardware and software solutions for entities looking to detect, track, identify and defeat/mitigate potential threats.

“Recognising the escalating UAV threats in the region, and drawing upon our expertise in developing, manufacturing, and maintaining UAV systems, we’re partnering with Fortem Technologies, renowned for their specialised Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems solutions. Together, we blend our UAV knowledge with their C-UAS proficiency to fortify our region’s defences comprehensively,” commented Hamad Alfouzan, CEO of INTRA Defense Technologies.
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