Eviation Aircraft has announced that flyVbird, a new regional airline, has signed a letter of intent (LOI) for 25 Alice aircraft, with options for a further 25.

flyVbird is aiming to enhance connectivity in rural areas where it will use smaller, more accessible airports.

The airline is driven by unique algorithms to deliver on-demand air travel to routes passengers want to fly.

It plans to secure its own Air Operator Certificate to use Alice for decentralised and sustainable travel across Europe, connecting unconnected or underserved communities worldwide and delivering carbon-free, cost effective, convenient air travel.

Eviation Alice aircraft

The nine-seater Alice is the world’s first flight-tested all-electric commuter aircraft. Built from a clean-sheet design, the Alice produces zero emissions and costs significantly less to operate per flight hour compared with light jets or regular turboprops.

It is powered by two magni650 electric propulsion units developed by magniX, the global industry leader in flight-proven electric propulsion systems.

“The European Union is moving forward with ambitious new rules aimed at decarbonizing the aviation industry,” said Eddie Jaisaree, Vice President, Commercial Sales at Eviation. “The Alice is the innovative and beautifully designed aircraft needed to lead aerospace’s transition to net zero carbon emissions. We are very pleased to partner with flyVbird in the future of flight.”

“The fact that Alice is a zero-carbon, quiet, low operational cost aircraft makes it the perfect solution for flyVbird to deliver clean, on-demand regional travel across Europe into the next decade and beyond,” said Anton Lutz, CEO of flyVbird, at the Routes World 2023 Conference in Istanbul.

“Through our unique AI-driven approach, we will offer direct alternatives to typical hub-and-spoke operations and Alice will play a critical role.”Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter

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