Blue Sky Aviation (BSA) has recently secured itself a leading role not only in the Czech Republic but also in Central Europe for starting training operations on a brand-new ELITE A320 FNPT II MCC, which meets EASA requirements for Airline Pilot Standard training.

The simulator is unique, as it provides additionally a wide range of other training options for airline pilots.

Apart from the already mentioned MCC training aspects, Type Rating Preparation, Jet Orientation Course JOC, Jet Transition Training JTT, Crew Recourse Management Training CRMT, Emergency Response Procedures Training ERPT, Instrument Rating IR, Threat and Error Management, A320 cockpit and system familiarisation, as well as training for proficiency checks or screenings, can also be provided.

The Czech FTO provides professional flight training from PPL right through to ATPL including MCC training – both modular and integrated.

With this purchase, BSA is going to significantly increase the revenue and dramatically reduce the costs of running an ATO.

BSA operates its flight school all year round and trains pilots from every part of the world. All the theoretical training modules, including the ATPL theory are online-approved. With this new flight simulator, the demanding Airline Pilot Standard (APS) course can also be undertaken.

“It is with great pride and satisfaction to see how we are now considered to be the most rapidly growing ATO in the Czech Republic,” said BSA’s CEO Igor Slajchrt.

“After having run successful courses on our ELITE S812 FNPT II G1000 and even an ELITE Helicopter Flight Control Unit, we decided it was time to take the next step with the ELITE A320 FNPT II MCC.”

BSA operates a fifteen-minute drive from Prague International airport (LKPR) and a twenty-minute drive from the capital city of Prague. These proximities offer students the chance of learning to fly in a challenging airspace. Together with BSA’s reputation as the most outstanding ATO in the whole country, the latest purchase of the ELITE A320 FNPT II MCC will ensure that BSA’s individual and professional flight training program is unmatched.

René Huddlestone, ELITE’s director of sales and marketing, said: “Our customers in Central Europe are able to profit from our local service and support agency run by ELITE Czech Republic in Prague, which ensures the most reliable relationship and long term cooperation with our customers.”
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