COVID-19 may have completely changed the aviation landscape since last year’s Paris Airshow, but many of the conversations taking place at the show remain the same.

This week’s FINN Flashback takes a look back to Day three of the Paris Air Show 2019, which was marked with a celebration of 50 years since the lunar landings and a look to the future with the return of sustainable, supersonic flight.

Sustainable fuel will power Boom’s supersonic jet

Denver-based Supersonic start-up Boom updated the aerospace world on the progress of its Overture 75-seat supersonic jet programme. The company also announced its partnership with Prometheus Fuels to supply fuel during the flight test programme of XB-1, Boom’s Mach-2.2 demonstrator aircraft, making it the world’s first supersonic flight using carbon-neutral fuel. XB-1’s test flight is scheduled for next year.

When the orders kept on coming

Nine months prior to impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the orders for Airbus and Boeing were rolling in. Confidence in Boeing’s beleagured 737 MAX programme was boosted with IAG signing for 200 aircraft, along with more orders for Airbus’ A321XLR. Engine manufacturers Pratt & Whitney signed an agreement from Chilean discount carrier JetSmart for 185 engines as well as announcing additional orders for its geared turbo fan powerplant.

NASA jets in for 50th anniversary of lunar landings

NASA has just signed an agreement with the UK Space Agency to play a key role in the Artemis mission to the Moon programme. Last year the US space agency was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions. NASA rocketed into Paris with a call for international partners to join the fast track project to return astronauts to the moon. Three Apollo astronauts – Al Worden, Charlie Duke and Walter Cunningham – marked the anniversary with a whole series of events at the show including meeting young people to answer their questions about space exploration

Thales unveiled FLYtX intuitive cockpit

Thales unveiled its new FLYtX cockpit for the Airbus H160M Guepard (GWAYPAR) helicopter, machine of choice for all three of the French armed forces. The intuitive flight deck has touchscreen interaction and has the flexibility to adapt to civil, military, rotary and fixed wing applications

ATR rotary launch set for take off

Dublin-based Elix Aviation Capital was announced as the launch customer of the ATR 42-600S if the programme gets the planned go-ahead. The aircraft leasing platform ordered 10 of the short take off and landing variant which can operate runways as short as 800m.


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