Raisbeck Engineering, an Acorn Growth Company, and a leading provider of innovative aircraft modifications, has announced the issuance of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This new certification approves the installation of Raisbeck/Hartzell five blade swept turbofan propellers on heavyweight (16,500 lb) King Air 300, 350, 360 series aircraft.

Raisbeck Engineering is a leading provider of aircraft modifications for business and commercial aircraft.

The Raisbeck/Hartzell five blade swept turbofan propellers offer a significant enhancement to aircraft performance, including increased thrust and cruise speeds, decreased noise levels, and improved landing deceleration and accelerate stop.

Composite construction

With carbon fibre composite construction and nickel cobalt leading edges, these Raisbeck/Hartzell propellers provide unlimited blade life while weighing 54 lbs less than the OEM propeller.

“We are thrilled to have received STC approval from the FAA for our revolutionary propeller design,” said Hal Chrisman, President of Raisbeck Engineering.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to extend the benefits offered by our five-blade composite propellers to operators in diverse roles requiring heavyweight aircraft such as Air Ambulance and ISR. These props are quieter and lighter, improve performance, last forever, and they look awesome on the ramp! I am confident it will be a winner for both our customers and Raisbeck.”

Raisbeck worked jointly with the world’s leading propeller manufacturer, Hartzell Propeller, to develop Swept Blade Propellers for the King Air Family.

Both composite and aluminium propeller systems were developed with tailored airfoils that extend fully into the spinner, thereby improving prop efficiency.

Raisbeck Engineering has been producing durable, five-blade composite props for 15,000 lb King Air 300 series aircraft since 2017, and this new STC Number SA02559SE is applicable to the Beechcraft King Air B300, B300C (MC-12W), and B300C models.

The five-blade composite props are now available for purchase and installation through authorized dealerships worldwide.Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter