ExxonMobil is now the sole aviation lubricants supplier for Ethiopian Airlines’ growing fleet.

Ethiopian Airlines will use Mobil Jet Oil 387, Mobil HyJet V, Mobil HyJet IV-Aplus, Mobilgrease 33, and Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 across its fleet.
The airline, which serves more than 70 global destinations, remains focused on future ambitions, such as expanding its third-party capabilities and becoming a top maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) carrier in the Pan-African region. To accomplish these goals, Ethiopian Airlines needed a lubricant supplier that could keep up with performance and maintenance demands of an ever-growing fleet.

75 years of service

“We’re extremely proud to be celebrating 75 years of service to our home of Africa, and around the world,” said Retta Melaku, chief operating officer, Ethiopian Airlines Group. “Looking back on how we’ve grown and what lies ahead for the airline, our collaboration with ExxonMobil and Aeroservices stands out as being integral to the progress we have made, and will make, in the years to come. We rely on ExxonMobil’s products and unmatched technical support – as we have done for decades – to meet our needs today and far into the future.”
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