Eve Air Mobility and Hunch Mobility are collaborating to bring the first eVTOL commuter flights to India, with Bangalore as the launch city.

The companies will work with officials, infrastructure, energy and technology providers to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is in place to introduce eVTOL flights.

“This launch city announcement is the next step in a great relationship that Hunch Mobility and Eve have built to co-create the urban air mobility ecosystem in India,” said Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve Air Mobility. “India is an incredibly important market for urban air mobility and our goal is to work with Hunch Mobility to provide residents with an additional efficient and affordable mode of transportation to ease commuting times in one of the most heavily populated cities in the world.”

Hunch Mobility has agreed to purchase 200 Eve Air Mobility eVTOL aircraft, services and the company’s Urban ATM (Air Traffic Management) solution. The partners also embarked on a three-month-long pilot project, conducting intra-city helicopter flights in Bangalore. The objective was to collect data on operations and customer experiences throughout the pilot project to inform the further development of Eve’s eVTOL aircraft, its ATM solution, and solutions for service and support.

“This collaboration with Eve Air Mobility underscores the commitment to contribute to India’s growth story by addressing the bottleneck of road congestion in the country. We look forward to introducing eVTOL flights that will democratize short haul air mobility by offering affordable ticket fares and zero carbon emission,” said Amit Dutta, director, Hunch Mobility, a joint venture between Hunch Ventures and Blade Air Mobility, Inc.

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