Eve Air Mobility has chosen Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH as the supplier of the electro-mechanic actuators (EMAs) for its eVTOL flight control system.

The EMAs will be integrated into the aircraft for actuation of its aileron, elevator and rudder surfaces.

“As a longtime partner of Embraer, Eve’s engineering backbone, in many successful development projects, Liebherr has strong confidence in Eve’s capability to develop, certify and produce such revolutionary eVTOL,” explained Dr. Klaus Schneider, chief technology officer of Liebherr-Aerospace and Transportation SAS.

“This contract is a historic milestone and represents the beginning of a new relationship with Eve Air Mobility. It signifies our commitment to excellence that we continuously demonstrate towards our customers. We have listened to Eve’s requirements for these actuators since the early stages of development and have met their requirements in every step of the research and development phases. Our electric technology, specifically fly-by-wire actuators, improve the maintainability, reliability, and manoeuvrability of future aircraft.”

Eve has already received orders for close to 3,000 vehicles and is working with several operators, infrastructure companies and government agencies to create an operating environment for urban air mobility.

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