The European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA) have partnered to accelerate the use of Earth-observing satellites and the information they provide to address the climate change challenges.

ESA and the Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action (CLIMA) will work together even more closely to find more opportunities to use space-based solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation.

This includes exploring better monitoring, reporting and verification solutions for greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, detecting methane leaks, identifying specific legislation that could benefit from Earth observation data, helping to identify site locations for renewable energy plants.

The initiative also supports the development of tailormade tools, such as the Green Transition Information Factory, and furthering the European Union’s Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry Regulation.

Furthermore, the initiative will seek to assist industries and public organisations from multiple sectors to assess risks and implement decarbonisation strategies.

ESA’s director general, Josef Aschbacher, said, “The climate crisis is upon us, and we have to act fast and act together for the benefit of Europe and, indeed, the world. Through this new initiative, together we will develop a structured cooperation that paves the way for information-sharing, mutual consultations and joint plans.

“Exploiting the complementarity between our respective programmes, together we will advance climate science, support policy implementation and boost green innovation on the road to the European Green Deal and a carbon-neutral future.”

The EC’s director general for climate action, Kurt Vandenberghe, added, “Space, and in particular Earth observation, offers a unique perspective on how to tackle climate challenges faced by humanity.

“Space technologies are crucial for reaching climate neutrality and climate resilience by 2050. Through our joint initiative, we are committed to exploring and enhancing opportunities for the development and broader implementation of space-based solutions dedicated to climate action.”

Find out more about the Climate Action Joint Initiative here. 

Image: European Space Agency

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