Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing and ThinkYoung have launched the STEM School, an initiative designed to equip young individuals and teachers in Ethiopia with the necessary skills for better employment opportunities.

The programme focuses on underprivileged African youth especially women, fostering their pursuit of higher education in STEM with a focus on aviation.

The STEM School will be hosted at the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation University, leveraging the expertise of the flagship carrier of Ethiopia. This collaboration ensures that students and teachers will benefit from the extensive knowledge and resources of the fastest growing Airline in Africa, enhancing their educational experience and providing them with real-world insights.

STEM School initiative

Ethiopian Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer Mesfin Tasew said about the programme: “We are delighted in our collaboration with Boeing and ThinkYoung to launch the STEM School initiative, which helps Ethiopian youths to succeed in education and in their future careers, primarily in aviation fields, and to become the next generation of innovators.

“We believe in going at a compatible pace with the speed of technology and being prepared for future demands. This cooperation and initiative will develop young people to meet the future needs of the fast-growing Ethiopian aviation industry.”

A comprehensive, immersive program spanning six weeks, the STEM School will provide over 300 hours of classes and hands-on training.

The programme will welcome 24 students in grades 11-12 from different regions of Ethiopia. 50% of students will be girls. The students will learn the basics of STEM, coding and programming as well as soft skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.

Job shadowing at Ethiopian Airlines will allow students to experience various STEM-related roles and improve skills gained during the program. The students will have an opportunity to meet with the professionals from Ethiopian Airlines who will mentor them during their individual projects. This internship also has the added benefit of providing professional recommendations, resume-worthy experience, and networking opportunities.

Kuljit Ghata-Aura, president of Boeing Middle East, Türkiye and Africa said: “The partnership between Ethiopian Airlines, ThinkYoung, and Boeing embodies a perfect blend of leadership in African aviation, global aerospace innovation, and educational excellence. This synergy will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the STEM School, facilitating the creation of a steady talent pipeline to support growing commercial aviation in Ethiopia.”

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