As a busy year of international travel draws to a close, Emirates has revealed how passengers spent their time inflight, finding out exactly what customers watched and listened to on journeys to and from 140 destinations around the world.

Most watched movies in 2023

Amongst the most watched movies by Emirates customers around the globe were; sci-fi film, Avatar: The Way of Water, Ticket to Paradise – a rom-com starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and the action movie Top Gun: Maverick. Long haul customers across the world also settled into box sets of movies, such as The Lord of the Rings complete trilogy and all four of the John Wick films.

Most binged box sets and TV in 2023

On long flights, Emirates customers loved to binge a box set, with exceptionally high viewership recorded for all seasons of HBO Max’s Succession and both seasons of The White Lotus. Within the comedy genre Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Big Bang Theory unsurprisingly held the top spots.

The sounds of the skies in 2023

Ed Sheeran’s album Subtract, alongside Mozart’s Chamber Music was in the top three, but unsurprisingly the top spot was scooped by the indomitable Taylor Swift and her album Midnights. Kids couldn’t get enough of Juniors Music with Cocomelon, Bluey, Kidzbop, and the Encanto soundtrack holding the top spots.

Kicking off world class entertainment on ice in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Emirates customers can expect to see many exciting developments from exclusive new content partnerships to new next-generation inflight entertainment systems that offer memorable cinematic and personalised passenger experiences on the incoming 50-strong fleet of A350s.

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