Embraer has announced its Embraer Social Tech Careers program will be available exclusively to women this year. The career acceleration program in Brazil offers 50 scholarships each year to generate opportunities and professional inclusion.

Applications will be accepted until 3 September and successful applicants will get the opportunity to learn how to work with data analysis and the Python programming language, which has applications in data science, artificial intelligence, and automation.

The initiative is carried out in partnership with Gama Academy, a school that selects talent and trains professionals for the digital market in technology areas.

Andreza Alberto, Embraer’s vice president of people, ESG and corporate communications, commented, “Embraer Social Tech combines education and innovation to contribute to the development of a more inclusive society. We are very proud of this affirmative action focused on quality education for women who want to enter the technology market.”

Participants who complete the four-month course will join Embraer and partner companies’ talent databases in future selection processes. The course will use a boot camp methodology, which includes remote immersive training to develop skills and competencies in the technology sector.

Applicants can apply for the third edition of the Embraer Social Tech Careers program here.

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