EDGE Group has launched 11 new disruptive aerospace systems and solutions at Dubai Airshow, including three autonomous aircraft.

These are the new REACH-M is a fixed-wing Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) designed for ISR and light ground attack operations; the SINYAR jet-powered aircraft developed by Poland-based manufacturer FLARIS; and the compact HT-100 multi-role unmanned performance helicopter from Swiss manufacturer ANAVIA for ISR and logistics missions.

Mansour Al Mulla, EDGE Group managing director and CEO, said, “The Dubai Airshow is one of the world’s leading aerospace events and the perfect platform from which EDGE can showcase its rapidly expanding portfolio of advanced aerospace, space, and air defence products and solutions.

“We will be launching several new technologically-advanced systems which will compete with the best in the industry for performance as well as price-point, highlighting the extensive and diverse capabilities across the Group, and the potential for inter-operability across multiple domains, while continuing to push the boundaries of innovation and strengthening sovereign capabilities.”

EDGE is also showcasing eight new missile, guided munition and jammer systems at the airshow. These include the NASEF-20 sub-sonic, low-cost cruise missile (LCCM), the all-weather, extended range National Surface Anti-Ship Missile (MANSUP-ER) and the HUNTER 2-SJ with Jammer seeker drone system.

“We also look forward to announcing several international partnerships with companies operating across multiple domains in the defence and civilian spheres, enabling the exploration of joint synergies for further growth through the sharing of knowledge, tapping into established advanced manufacturing ecosystems, and by bolstering our global supply chains,” added Al Mulla.

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