Dufour Aerospace has delivered its Aero2 X2.2 demonstrator aircraft to drone operator Spright.

The delivery of the aircraft began last November, with Dufour fully flight testing the aircraft, including full transition flights from hover to cruise. The company then trained Spright pilots in Zurich this summer, familiarizing them with the tilt-wing aircraft in a multi-week training activity.

The aircraft was then packaged in Zurich and transported by cargo aircraft to the US. After some small technical modifications, Spright will use the aircraft for demonstration flights.

“We were pleased to have our team train in Switzerland this summer, and following successful completion of the training, Dufour delivered the X2.2 demonstrator on time to Spright,” said Joe Resnik, president of Spright. “Our demonstration flights in the US will be the first time the Aero 2 has flown outside of Switzerland, and our teams are confident in their ability to do so and demonstrate its capabilities.”

Said Thomas Pfammater, CEO of Dufour Aerospace, added, “The mark of a good aircraft is the ability for our test pilots to teach new pilots how to fly the aircraft, and for the later to have the confidence to fly it with their own hands. There’s no better partner than Spright and its team to have success.”

Spright made one of the largest purchases of civilian drones in US history last November when it placed 40 firm orders for Aero2 with options for an additional 100 units.

With the successful delivery of the X2.2 aircraft to Spright, Dufour Aerospace’s focus has now turned to X2.3, the first hybrid-electric version of Aero2, which is already under construction. Aero2, scheduled for commercial market entry in 2025, is designed for the automated transport of critical cargo and a variety of remote sensing and public safety applications.

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