The Dubai Airshow 2021 gave the industry a much needed confidence boost with new countries exhibiting for the first time and billions of dollars of deals.

Nearly 150 countries were represented, including first time visitors from Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Israel and Slovakia. The show featured more than 170 aircraft and 1,200 visitors, more than 370 of which were new.

The Dubai Airshow was the first large scale gathering of industry specialists and leaders from across all aspects of aviation, aerospace, space and defence in 18 months. The event featured 20 country pavilions, themed stages and innovative areas all set across the vast site made for a real celebration of the aerospace industry.

Dubai was the setting for a number of contracts, announcements and signings. These included Embraer announcing a firm order for up to six E175s for Overland Airways and Airbus receiving an order for 225 A321neo from Indigo Partners’ airlines including Wizz Air.

“Nothing like doing business face-to-face”

Chris Cholerton, President, Civil Aviation – Rolls-Royce said: “I think there’s nothing like actually doing business, face to face and be able to really talk through what’s on people’s minds: their vision for the future, particularly at a time of great change and we’ve got the change in the industry post Covid but also changes being driven by the drive to net zero. I think it’s very valuable, face-face.”

Dubai was also a platform to showcase the latest aviation developments including the Boeing 777x and this, the Sukhoi S75, the Checkmate, the first time its been seen outside of Russia.




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