Image: dnata

dnata, a global air and travel services provider, revealed an exciting addition to its presence at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE).

Attendees visiting the company’s stand in Hamburg, Germany, had the opportunity to meet and interact with a cutting-edge cooking robot, offering a look into the future of catering innovation.

dnata’s unique culinary demonstration features the world’s first AI-powered robot capable of handling cooking operations in commercial and residential kitchens. Developed by Moley Robotics, it is able to recreate identical dishes at scale by following pre-recorded chef instructions. It is equipped with multiple sensors and machine learning capabilities, enabling it to precisely measure ingredients and execute complex cooking techniques. The innovative solution ensures consistent quality, high levels of safety, and rapid adaptation to changing parameters in real-time.

Revolutionary cooking robot

Robin Padgett, CEO of dnata Catering & Retail, said: “We are excited to showcase a revolutionary cooking robot alongside our world-class culinary and retail offering at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo.

“We are constantly looking for ways to further improve quality and efficiency by leveraging the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and automation, across our global network. In recent years we have implemented a number of sophisticated solutions to optimise various aspects of our operations, ranging from consumption analysis to ingredient sourcing, inventory and waste management. We will continue to closely monitor trends and further integrate AI into our operations to harness the power of innovation.

“We look forward to meeting and discussing the exciting future of our industry with our partners at our unique stand in Hamburg.”

In addition to the cooking robot, dnata’s guests can also meet Bella, a hospitality robot, who serves world-class meals and refreshments at WTCE. Bella’s twin bot already resides in the UAE and assists guests at Sharjah Airport’s (SHJ) lounge along with its partner, Kitty. ‘The Lounge’ at SHJ is operated by dnata’s local joint venture, Alpha Flight Services.

dnata’s spacious stand in Hamburg also features a live cooking station, offering visitors world-class culinary experiences. dnata’s senior executives and award-winning chefs from across the globe will be present to engage with customers and partners throughout WTCE.

dnata’s catering and retail division is one of the world’s leading inflight hospitality providers. The company’s 10,500 catering professionals produce over 110 million meals annually, serving full service, low-cost and VIP carriers from more than 60 locations.

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