Deutsche Aircraft is aiming to have its “robust, reliable and high-performing” D328eco turboprop enter service as soon as 2026, said Anastasija Visnakova, the company’s VP of sales and marketing.

Deutsche Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer that is developing an advanced regional aircraft: the D328eco.


As type certificate holder and service partner for existing D328 (both prop and jet) operators worldwide, the company is able to add to existing fleets with this next-generation aircraft.

Speaking to FINN, Visnakova said: “We see the big niche for a very robust, reliable and high performing turboprop today on the market. And this is basically what we are delivering.

“This is not a clean sheet aircraft, this is a derivative from the previous type, so it’s stretched a little bit so we add 25% of the capacity. This is a 40 seater turboprop.

“We add a brand new propulsion system, Garmin avionics, six blade, composite propeller and a lot of other new elements. And we basically make the brand new, the technologically advanced prop, bringing it to the market in Q4 2026.”

Power deal

Earlier this month, Deutsche Aircraft announced that Italian company ASE S.p.A. would supply the AC Primary Power Generation and Distribution Systems for the D328eco.

The AC electrical system from ASE mainly consist of two 25 kVA AC generators, two Generator Control Units (GCU) and two Primary Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

The AC Generators are attached to the propeller gear box which provides the appropriate RPM. Each generator is controlled by its generator control unit and outputs the power to the two-channel primary power distribution unit. From there, power is supplied to all AC loads via the secondary power distribution system.

“We’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected as the AC electrical system supplier for Deutsche Aircraft’s new turboprop D328eco the innovative fixed wing civilian aircraft which is designed to have a lower environmental impact, with comfort and efficiency,” said Giuseppe D’Alò, ASE Chief Executive Officer.
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