The Department for Transport has reopened its voluntary Aviation Ambassador’s scheme for applicants seeking to help promote aviation as an exciting and accessible career.

The programme sees a selection of volunteers chosen as leading figures in the industry, representing the best of the aviation sector, reaching out to young people, underrepresented or marginalised groups to engage them and showcase what the aviation industry has to offer.

Its aim is to demonstrate that the sector is diverse and attracts people from a range of backgrounds.

There are 10 volunteer positions available, and the role starts in January 2024 lasting for two years.

Aviation Ambassador

As part of the role, volunteers are asked to promote aviation as an exciting and accessible career, support efforts to champion diversity, accessibility and social mobility and help the Aviation Skills team in the

Department for Transport (DfT) to develop, test and promote policies and initiatives that tackle barriers to aviation careers.

One of the ambassadors, Katherine Moloney, told the BBC: “I’ve only been taught by men and they’ve all been incredible but I just felt like I was missing out on talking about this to other women.

“The biggest problem is the lack of visual role models. We want to promote those role models, promote that message.”Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter