Collins Aerospace has announced that its Flight Profile Optimisation (FPO) solution is now included within its FlightHub offering.

The solution improves access and availability of data by rapidly reviewing the changing environment and suggesting opportunities for more efficient route planning.

FPO delivers real-time route recommendations to pilots throughout the flight, offering optimised alternative routes toward their destination, which could improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

“Navigating dynamic weather conditions requires the ability to access data quickly,” said Jon Merritt, associate director, Flight Deck Solutions at Collins Aerospace.

“Using our flight optimisation solution, pilots will have access to real-time data that in the past would have been out of reach, allowing them to make informed decisions. Our digital advancements bring the right data to pilots’ fingertips.”

FlightHub launched last year and can be integrated into current airline systems and third-party applications or used as a stand-alone system.

These advanced digital aviation solutions improve the speed and efficiency of information available to airlines by centralising data sources into one application. With these latest updates, FlightHub continues to add capabilities to support the global aviation industry’s sustainability targets.
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