Collins Aerospace has unveiled its Venue smart monitor at the Aircraft Electronics Association Convention & Trade Show’s new product introduction showcase in Dallas, Texas.

The new smart monitor can function as a standalone in-flight entertainment (IFE) solution or fully within the Venue cabin management system (CMS).

Embedded smart technology and a robust processing platform simplifies future software updates and enables integration of Collins’ suite of IFE products, including Airshow moving maps and Stage on demand entertainment.

The smart monitor enables installation flexibility, giving customers options to upgrade their CMS and IFE solutions in a cost-effective, phased approach.

“The Venue smart monitor provides operators and their passengers with a single access point to completely control cabin functionality, individual comfort and entertainment options,” said Marc Ayala, senior director of sales, business and regional aviation for Collins Aerospace.

“The smart monitor enables simple software updates, third party add-ons and the flexibility for owners to incrementally grow their IFE and CMS capabilities at a pace that fits their individual needs.”

Five different monitor sizes and 4K ultra high-definition options provide pristine resolution and viewing enjoyment to fit a variety of cabin configurations and aircraft of all sizes.

The intuitive graphical user interface offers a consistent user experience across touchscreen monitors, mobile applications and cabin touch panels.

The all-inclusive smart monitor also reduces redundancies, replacing legacy Airshow moving maps bulkhead displays and consolidating hardware on board the aircraft.

This technology and hardware integration optimises power usage and reduces overall carry weight, which in turn decreases fuel burn and associated carbon emissions.
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