Collins Aerospace is looking to expand, partner and explore new opportunities to redefine aerospace within Middle East and Africa

Amal Osborn, Regional Senior Manager, Middle East & Africa, Collins Aerospace (Defence) explained: “What it really means holistically is we’re committed to the region. And this is just the most recent example of our expansion in the MENA area.”

She explained why expansion in the region was a key strategic area for Collins Aerospace.

Company aims to redefine aerospace in Middle East and Africa

“You can see the multitude of products that we have featured here and the individuals that we have here, it’s a key strategic market for us. And we’re looking to not only expand but partner and explore the opportunities where we can continue to redefine aerospace within the Middle East and Africa.”

Collins Aerospace’s latest products include the Pegasus Rescue hoists for civil and military search and rescue process.

Osman said the company was committed to “redefining aerospace”. She said: “I mean, we’re innovators. We’re creating the next we’re answering the mail on the next level of challenges while partnering with our customers to understand what their requirements are, and then continuing to innovate.