Boom Supersonic has announced that it is preparing a competitive site selection process for the production of its 55-passenger, Mach-2.2 airliner.

Boom has identified a number of criteria that it will look for in a production site: the company requires a manufacturing footprint capable of supporting airliner rate production, a location that can attract a community of thousands of “thinkers and builders”, and easy access to existing shipping networks and supply. Boom says it is looking for a site with “previous aerospace influence” and potential to develop further.

As Boom ramps into manufacturing of the XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator, engineering resources are shifting to the company’s first commercial product — a revolutionary airliner it says is 2.6 times faster than any other aircraft on the market.

“This shift in resources and focus on site selection marks a significant transition for the company as it takes another step toward making the planet more accessible,” a statement from Boom said.

New hires

To support this new phase in the company’s development, Boom also made a number of new key staffing hires.

Bill James has been hired as vice president of production operations. Alongside overseeing production of Boom’s airliner, Bill will be responsible for supply chain and site-selection efforts, drawing on decades of leadership experience in the aerospace industry. Prior to joining Boom, Bill led wing design on the Airbus A380 and was vice president of advanced systems for Sierra Nevada Corporation, where he led the development of a clean sheet aircraft to compete for the USAF T-X trainer program.

“It’s an honour to join the Boom team,” said Bill James.

“The team has already accomplished a great deal of work preparing for production of the airliner. I’m looking forward to further advancing our operations so that one day soon, supersonic passenger flight will be a reality again.”

In addition, Dr. Lourdes Maurice will join Boom’s advisory board from her recent tenure as Executive Director of the FAA Office of Environment and Energy and US member to the International Civil Aviation Organization Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (ICAO/CAEP).

“I was fortunate enough to have been able to fly on the Concorde with my husband and son,” said Dr. Lourdes Maurice. “As Boom launches the supersonic renaissance, it is building an aircraft that is not only faster but also dramatically quieter and more efficient than Concorde. I am excited about the opportunity to bring back high-speed flight in an affordable and environmentally sensitive manner.”