Aeron is launching the public token sale for its Aeron Register ecosystem today, following a pre-sale earlier this month which raised over $1 million.

Today’s public sale gives anyone the opportunity to buy ARN tokens and be part of the first wave of users on the platform.

Why blockchain?

Like any complex industry, aviation uses many large data systems, which are often isolated and outdated. Discrepancies in data can cause a range of problems affecting revenues, operations and safety.

Konstantin Gertman, chief development officer at Aeron, comments: “The key problem is pilots and flight instructors may fake flight log records to claim experience the pilot does not actually have. Accidents are also widely caused by incomplete data, whether it came about by data intrusion or lack of proper record. All of these issues can be solved by blockchain technology creating immutable records for flight logs and maintenance databases.”

The Aeron Register system can track pilot and aircraft log records which are stored on a blockchain. The records are available for public audit and can’t be forged. According to Aeron, this system could facilitate data exchange on every step of communication between clients, airports, aircraft maintenance and service companies. Everyone, involved in operating and flying an aircraft would use customized apps, including pilots for personal flight logging, aviation companies to collect and verify log data from flight schools, aircraft operators, fixed base operators and others.

Blockchain for aircraft maintenance

The system can be also applied to aircraft maintenance records and tracking of spare parts, Aeron says. It could be used to confirm that spare parts are authentic and that maintenance has been performed according to standards.

Aeron recently published a whitepaper explaining more about the idea behind using blockchain for aviation safety