Black Widow Helicopters, a leading provider of aerial firefighting and utility mission aircraft, has placed a significant multi-product order with Aerometals, a precision aerospace manufacturing company.

The order includes 25 Engine Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) for the Airbus H125 platform, along with 22 FAA PMA approved Lightweight Straight Pipe Exhaust Systems and IBF for its UH-60 modernisation program.

With a focus on aerial firefighting and utility missions for commercial and public safety operators, Black Widow Helicopters equips its fleet with the latest advancements in aviation technology.

The incorporation of the Foresight HUMS, Spidertracks Spider X, and now the IBFS and lightweight exhaust systems showcases their dedication to providing customers with cutting-edge standard build list items.

Additionally, the Genesys Glass Cockpit by XP Services is now available as an optional feature for their commercial and public safety clients.

Substantial weight reduction

The IBF offers a substantial weight reduction of nearly 50 pounds over the legacy system as well as providing additional mission safety due to being bird strike rated. These benefits translate to reduced fuel burn due to parasitic drag and minimal effects on aircraft performance.

Beyond engine protection from FOD damage and filtering particulates and salt nuclei, the IBFS also serves as a safeguard against thermal impact spikes that could lead to premature hot section fatigue for firefighting UH-60 helicopters.

Furthermore, the lightweight straight pipe exhaust system offers an impressive, estimated weight saving of approximately 200 pounds and a reduction of exhaust loss compared to legacy Hover Infrared Suppression System.

Renowned for its versatility, durability, and exceptional performance, the UH-60 Black Hawk from Sikorsky has garnered widespread acclaim among operators worldwide. Black Widow Helicopters recognizes the aircraft’s numerous attractive features for commercial operators, including speed, lift, safety, low maintenance requirements, and its reputation as a reliable, proven multi-mission workhorse.

The company’s core business is converting legacy UH-60 Black Hawk aircraft to state-of-the-art aerial firefighting and utility mission-equipped platforms.

Advanced products

Todd Dunphy, Head of Corporate Development at Black Widow Helicopters, expressed enthusiasm about the development, stating, “The Black Hawk possesses all the characteristics sought by commercial and public safety operators, making it an ideal aircraft choice for us to continue adding advanced products for our clients to our standard configuration. By incorporating the IBF and the lightweight straight pipe exhaust system as standard features on our Black Widow UH-60L fleet, we empower our customers with a distinct competitive edge.”

Black Widow Helicopters is set to deliver the Airbus H125 IBF order to a European-based operator and international helicopter leasing company, Heliverse, which is expanding its fleet with an Airbus H125 deployment over the next 12 months.

“We are excited to partner with Black Widow Helicopters offering Aerometals next-generation IBF technology protecting firefighting crews from the elements while preserving aircraft engine power and performance,” stated Erik Blanck, Director of Sales and Marketing at Aerometals.
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