Black Widow Helicopters has offered aerial assistance to crews in Hawaii dealing with the aftermath of deadly wildfires by donating two Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawks.

The duo will be used as part of expansive rebuilding work that will be necessary in the months and years ahead.

Todd Dunphy, head of corporate development at Black Widow Helicopters, said: “The profound loss of life and property in Maui has deeply resonated with us.

“Our commitment is solidified with the donation of two of our Black Hawks, dedicated to Maui’s restoration operations that will be pivotal in the foreseeable future.”

Wildfires in Maui

Renne Simoes, director of brand relations at Black Widow Helicopters, said: “Our partnership will extend beyond just the helicopters. By collaborating with non-profit and philanthropic entities, we intend to custom build these Black Hawks, ensuring they are equipped to cater to the specific aerial needs of the community.

“The extensive recovery roadmap ahead calls for specialised capabilities both from the skies and on the ground and we look forward to working with the local authorities and community groups to establish the best deployment of these aerial assets for the future of Maui.”

Wildfires in Maui in recent weeks were intensified by strong winds from Hurricane Dora. More than 80 lives have been lost and thousands have been displaced, as well as reports of extensive property damage.

Following the fires, Black Widow Helicopters pledged to dedicate engineering and other resources to ensure the helicopters are mission-ready for the challenges faced by the Maui response teams.

Engineering resources will be provided by Primehawx, a specialised Black Hawk maintenance company that will ensure the helicopters are ready for any deployment on the island.
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