Bellwether has announced it will debut its latest eVTOL aircraft model at Dubai Air Show next week.

Oryx is capable of transporting three passengers on an 80km journey in just 20 minutes. It features carbon fibre composites, a meticulously crafted airframe and the integration of two groundbreaking systems which elevate its performance.

The Cognitive Flight Control System (CFCS) and the Adaptive Electric Propulsion System (AEPS), both engineered by Bellwether Advanced Mobility Solutions (BAMS), form the bedrock of the Oryx’s flight control mechanisms. These systems ensure flight stability and operational efficiency, enhancing passenger comfort and providing room for in-flight entertainment options.

“We are delighted to once again be a part of this significant event, witnessing Bellwether’s continued impact and innovation within this domain,” remarked Daniel Chen, founder and CEO of Bellwether Industries.

Bellwether made its inaugural appearance at the Dubai Airshow in 2021, showcasing the second generation aircraft model Antelope. “This year, our objective is to introduce an even more innovative aircraft design with the Oryx model, further heightening public awareness of this nascent category,” added Chen.

Kai-Tse Lin, co-Founder and COO of Bellwether Industries, announced that the company will introduce the BAMS brand in the Middle East. “This move signifies Bellwether’s commitment to orchestrating worldwide resources and expediting research and development in the region. The presence of BAMS in the Middle East marks a pivotal advancement for our products and underscores our strong belief in the region’s technology-centric approach.”

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