At this week’s CES tech show in Las Vegas, Bell Helicopter showed off the cabin of its electric flying taxi, which is in development.

The company, which claimed to be the first helicopter manufacturer to present at the hype-heavy event, said it plans to unveil the full vehicle at a later date. The preview of the cabin was intended to provide a flavour of the passenger experience.

The Verge quotes Scott Drennen, Bell’s director of innovation, as saying: “We’re just keeping our particular propulsion system in configuration to ourselves right now, to keep our competition on their on their heels.”

Volocopter takes off

In other CES/flying car news, the Volocopter took off on stage during the event, concluding a presentation from Intel. The two companies announced an ongoing partnership at the show. The Volocopter has already completed manned and unmanned test flights but was able to demo to a US audience in Las Vegas. The aircraft was tethered to the ground and behind bars for the take-off, reports note.

Replay our video from earlier this year on-board the Volocopter.