Aviation Capital Group has announced the delivery of one new Airbus A321neo aircraft on long-term lease to Frontier Airlines.

Powered by the ultra-efficient Pratt & Whitney GTF engines, this is the fifth of seven A321neo aircraft scheduled to deliver to the airline from ACG’s order book with Airbus.

Traditional to Frontier Airlines, this A321neo will unveil a new special livery with “Wilhelm, THE STELLER’S EIDER” painted on the tail.

Last month, Frontier Airlines and APiJET, a technology leader in real-time flight optimisation for fuel and carbon savings, announced an agreement to test APiJET’s Digital Winglets for operations centres.

APiJET’s Digital Winglets

Digital Winglets utilises TASAR (Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Requests), a technology initially developed by NASA and refined and productized by APiJET, that analyses hundreds of variables and potential flight paths in real-time to provide route optimisations that result in significant fuel and carbon savings.

“NASA originally conceived TASAR as a pilot-driven application,” said Rob Green, CEO of APiJET. “However, by shifting flight optimisation recommendations from the pilot to the airline’s operations centre, APiJET has been able to significantly reduce deployment friction and time, as well as operational costs and overhead, all while maintaining the same significant savings that we’ve been able to achieve during third party testing of the pilot focused implementation.”

“We’re very excited to partner with APiJET in testing Digital Winglets and the potential it holds for achieving significant fuel savings,” said Barry Biffle, CEO of Frontier Airlines. “Frontier is constantly evaluating and looking at new technologies to enable us to continue to be a leader in sustainable aviation.”

Frontier Airlines

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company operates more than 125 A320 family aircraft and has among the largest A320neo family fleet in the US.

With more than 220 new Airbus aeroplanes on order, including direct leases, Frontier will continue to grow.
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