ASQS, a provider of aviation safety and quality management software solutions, has partnered with AI insights provider Beams to revolutionise aviation safety.

The two companies will work together to develop a safety management system (SMS) that leverages the speed and accuracy of AI to create faster and more accurate insights to mitigate risk.

Günther Schindl, CEO of ASQS, commented, “Our partnership with Beams will significantly expand our artificial intelligence capabilities and enable us to deliver the latest innovations to our customers at an unprecedented pace. This will enable us to revolutionise the safety and risk management landscape and provide our customers with new, premium features that exceed their expectations.”

The SMS will integrate safety into all aspects of an aviation organisation’s operations, supporting aviation operators to address safety risks in a systematic, proactive way. By using AI, data analysis and risk identification will be done more quickly and accurately, enabling organisations to predict future challenges.

“Real-time data evaluation plays a crucial role in aviation safety and is rapidly evolving with the use of software,” explained Alan Sternberg, co-founder and CEO of Beams. “AI-based information processing is essential for addressing the industry’s challenges in risk assessment and impact, enabling continuous adaptation and capability development.”
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