Aircraft manufacturer addresses mobile network operators to offer collaboration solutions and broadband services for larger enterprises.

Airbus has extended its global capabilities to offer collaboration and communications solutions for enterprise markets, such as transport, utilities and industries (TUI).

Airbus, which is currently exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is seeking partners to create customised, efficient communication tools for larger companies. By partnering with mobile network operators (MNOs), Airbus aims to bring advanced tools to end users and integrate them into existing communication infrastructures.

Solution aimed at energy and logistics markets

Airbus aims to create targeted solutions for companies operating within the oil and gas sector as well as energy, logistics and transportation providers. These sectors are largely dependent on reliable mobile communication networks to improve their efficiency. Airbus’ new solutions are intended to meet the different communication demands and strategies using existing network platforms.

Airbus will combine elements of its Tactilon Agnet secure smartphone collaboration solution, complementing existing mobile network infrastructures with secure broadband services.

Olivier Koczan, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus, said: “Enterprises expect smart technology that meets their future challenges. Airbus provides compelling group collaboration tools, applications and broadband features. We are a partner which gives added value to both MNOs and large businesses, thanks to our tailored solutions.”

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