Airbus and Planet have entered into a partnership to facilitate access to each other’s data and the co-development of new geospatial solutions.

The partnership will include establishing a framework agreement to explore opportunities for joint cooperation in new and existing markets, product offerings, and sales and marketing efforts.

The partners say they are both aiming to provide “a comprehensive suite of global satellite data at multiple temporal and spatial resolutions”, and develop new analytic products for a wide range of applications.

Complementary partners

“By combining our strengths, we will provide a key capability to address all market needs, both in terms of data and value-added products, and to best serve our clients, whatever their industry and their requirements,” said François Lombard, Director of the Intelligence Business at Airbus Defence and Space.

Will Marshall, CEO and co-founder of Planet, added: “Airbus and Planet are truly complementary partners. Airbus brings long-standing success in serving reliable, high resolution remote sensing, and Planet brings its unique global coverage and temporal cadence, as well as agile aerospace iteration to get sensors quickly to space.

“Together we will be able to deliver sophisticated offerings to fit customer needs across international markets.”

Benefitting from both companies’ constellations, customers will have access to the entire Earth’s landmass every day at 3m resolution with PlanetScope satellites, as well as to daily sub-meter resolution imagery with Pléiades and SkySat constellations.

In addition, they will also have the capability to order images with resolutions of 1.5m (SPOT 6/7), 5m (Rapideye) and 22m (DMC Constellation). Lastly, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X and PAZ radar satellites will allow the acquisition of images regardless of weather and daylight conditions, ensuring access to any place on Earth independent of the cloud coverage.

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