Klaus Rowe, Head of the A320 Programme, Airbus, says the A321 is a “real game changer” because it combines the super efficiency of the single-aisle segment with the capabilities of the wide body segment.

Rowe comments: “This is a real long range aircraft [with a range capability of about 7,000 kilometres] and the only advanced, modern single-aisle aircraft flying over the Atlantic Ocean. It consumes more than 30% less fuel than any other aircraft in the segment.”

He adds: “It is enabling many routes over the Atlantic Ocean, which today are only served by larger aircraft. It’s also enabling new routes which today are not yet flown because there is not such a demand from passengers. It will in fact enable the airlines to generate new business, which is not possible today.”

“We have more than 8,000 aircraft in service,” Rowe says. “Every two seconds somewhere in the world an A320 family member is taking off or landing, and very soon it will be this one [A321] on top.”