Image: Air India

In preparation for Earth Day today, Air India has announced having minimised single-use plastic usage by approximately 80% on board all flights across its worldwide network.

The reduction has been achieved since the privatisation of Air India in an ongoing effort led by a team of in-house experts and supported by catering partners and multiple vendors, with the aim of continually minimising the carrier’s environmental impact.


Air India’s effort in the direction includes several initiatives:

• 100% removal of 500ml plastic water bottles from all Economy Class seat pockets on widebody
aircraft operating international flights
• Significant reduction in the bulk uplift of 200ml water bottles on international as well as
domestic flights; now only served on pre-set meal trays
• Introduction of water pour service from 1 litre water bottles during flight
• Replacement of plastic zip lock bags for cutlery with paper packaging
• Replacement of plastic straws with paper straws
• Replacement of plastic stirrers with wooden ones
• Introduction of reusable linen bags on board
• Introduction of 100% compostable PET lids and primary-use plastic bags
• Introduction of 100% compostable waste bags

The airline is working towards introducing paper cutlery for Economy Class guests soon, apart from pursuing multiple other opportunities that would further reduce the usage of single-use plastic.
Air India continues to integrate environmental and social principles in its businesses in its goal of becoming one of the world’s most environmentally sensitive organisations.

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