Aero launched the first semi-private scheduled service to the Coachella Valley for California’s music festival.

The initiative marked a “new era” in festival travel, offering what the company called “unparalleled convenience and luxury to attendees”.

The launch of a limited set of scheduled flights was in partnership with event based hospitality company RPPROJECTS.

“We’re thrilled to launch Aero flights to some of the world’s largest music, sporting, art, and entertainment events in 2024,” said Ben Klein, CEO of Aero.

“Flying Aero means getting to the airport 20 minutes before your flight and avoiding all the hassles associated with traveling commercially, including long lines, crowds, and baggage claim.

“Once airborne, our guests enjoy complimentary amenities including Starlink Wi-Fi, in-flight dining, and a premium open bar.

“Aero guests desire an exceptional travel experience – and our average NPS score of 92 is testament to our attention to detail and level of commitment. It’s unlike any other offering on the market.”
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